DPL-9: Introduction to Electional Astrology

Instructor: Elena Lumen

Prerequisites: This course is open to the general public. IAA Diploma Program students are required to complete the Natal Studies Module before taking this course. This course is one of the electives for IAA Diploma Program students to graduate.

If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student you need a thorough understanding of natal astrology. You may also access this course with no homework, no exams, no credit.

Course Objectives: Explore the magic and practical applications of electional astrology. One of the more ancient forms of astrology, it enables practitioners to find the most optimal times for beginning any important activity, such as marriage, health, financial, or other elections.

In this course, students will learn foundational principles of electional astrology, which may be immediately applied to practice. This course assumes familiarity with astrological basics (such as planets, houses, and sign meanings). The course is founded on principles of traditional astrology but is open to all students who are open and interested in learning electional astrology.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Foundations of electional astrology

Class Meeting 2: General elections by the moon, planetary hours, connections to nativity

Class Meeting 3: Specific elections (marriage, financial, business launch, etc.)

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