Progressions (Astrology: A Language of Life, Vol. 1) by Robert P. Blaschke

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Filling a gap in the body of existing astrological literature on Progressions, this book contains the only metaphysical framework ever published for understanding secondary, tertiary and minor progressions. Equally rich in both technique and theory, this book will be a reference standard for generations.

From the Foreword by Robert Hand:
This book on progressions is quite accessible to astrological readers of many levels, but it is not a beginner’s book. It does not just give the basics of progressions. It goes beyond that to provide a practical and theoretical foundation for integrating the various methods of progressions into a single body of method…Blaschke’s theory is that these three types of progression derive their usefulness from the following relationships. Secondaries are the result of the interaction of the Earth and the Sun (day and year) which in turn correlate to Matter and Spirit. Tertiaries are the result of the interaction of the Earth and the Moon (day and month) which correlate to Matter and Soul. And finally minors are the result of the interaction of the Moon and the Sun (month and year) which correlate to Soul and Spirit…This is technically a very rich book and one which teaches a definite method which would not be difficult to apply in practice…this book should advance the study of progressions in astrology on both the practical and theoretical level and for this we owe Robert Blaschke a vote of thanks.