The Michelsen BOOK OF TABLES, Second Edition by Meil F. Michelsen and Rique Pottenger

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All the tables you need in one volume!

Combine the book with any of the American Ephemeris series and you have all that you need to calculate house cusps and precise planetary positions — a horoscope for anyone anywhere.

Essential Sections:

  • Complete Placidus Table of Houses–the most popular house system in the USA
  • Complete Koch Table of Houses–favored by many astrologer/authors and European Astrologers
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions–How to Cast a Horoscope by Rob Hand and Josh Brackett
  • A worksheet you can use to be sure each horoscope you erect is accurate
  • Interpolations Tables to save you from tedious calculations

Useful “Extra” Features:

  • Tables of Diurnal Motion to minimize the amount of math you have to do
  • Time tables for working with time zones
  • Tables for correcting between clock time and sidereal time
  • Easy conversion tables to change longitude into time
  • Longitudes and Latitudes for major cities through the USA and the world
  • Optional instructions for calculating East Point and Vertex
  • Optional formulas for calculating house cusps directly with trigonometric calculator
  • Explanations of how the Placidus and Koch systems divide up space to create houses