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Divination Theory and Practical Astrology with Geoffrey Cornelius

Is practical astrology divination? This question has become something of a hot potato, with psychological and archetypal astrologers joining together with died-in-wool traditionalists to declare the straightforwardly objective nature of our Art’s symbolism and its results. We will cover in detail the case for and against astrology-as-divination, and show the relationship of this question to […]

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Katarchic Astrology and the True Nature of Horary with Geoffrey Cornelius

Katarche is a term from early Greek astrology, applied to a range of non-natal practices. These include what later tradition distinguishes as electional, inceptional and interrogational (horary) astrology. It may be translated as “initiative,” and the astrology of the katarche responds to human intention and initiative. A mystery of astrology’s origins lies here, since the […]

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