The Behenian Fixed Stars; an Oracle and Guide

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The 15 Stars held special status in the entwined practices of Astrology, Magic and Alchemy during the middle ages. Their significance comes to us through Cornelius Agrippa, who whose source appears to be Hermes Trismegistus.

Increased interest in the fixed stars demands new ways to engage with them, interact with them, and learn about them. To this end we’ve created this deck of cards and accompanying booklet to help modern practitioners have a different kind of experience with the images of the stars. Ancient astral mages would use similar images to the ones provided impressed upon talismans to effect change in their lives or meditate upon them to better access the secrets of the stars. Here the stars, their imagery, and their meaning become something to hold in your hand and reflect on the meaning and symbolism therein to help deepen your understanding of these specific stars. In turn they may also grant insight into situations in our lives if we only have the courage and means to ask.

Fifteen illustrated cards and a 68 page study guide by Medieval Astrology scholar Ryhan Butler and Artist Astrologer Terry Johnson.