101 Simple Suggestions and Quotations to Express Compassion and Empathy: (An aid in healing ourselves and the world) by Linda M Furiate

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101 Simple Suggestions and Quotations to Express Compassion and Empathy is a useful aid for anyone wishing to become more compassionate. Linda Furiate began this simple, little book the day she received a telephone call from a dear friend, who had been in an accident the night before. Although the vehicle was totaled, her husband walked away with mearly a bruise and she suffered only a few, broken ribs. This did not stop Furiate from feeling the emotional pain they both endured. Having to fill in that evening as a group leader and counselor for her friend, Furiate began a dialogue with her clients on how to express and develop compassion. She utilizes these simple gestures of compassion and empathy such as: Think about some recent adversity you have experienced. Now thank God and yourself for this blessing and for the positive meaning of the experience. Allow yourself to be loved. Most people who feel as though they are unloved are usually the ones who have built walls around themselves, not allowing love to seep through and into their being. Take the time to read this book to help yourself develop compassion and become more at peace with your being.

About the author: Linda Furiate, an Army brat, born in Frankfurt, Germany has come along way as she battles the many ups and downs of everyday life. Always the consummate philosopher, Linda graciously and continuously sees the good in all of the adversity she has endured, allowing compassion to fill her being.