Eclipses and You: How to Align with Life’s Hidden Tides by Judith Hill

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Finally, a useful handbook on eclipse effects through the zodiac signs for everyone! Eclipses create “surges” and “outages” of solar-lunar tides with numerous influences described for the reader’s personal sign, (and globally too). Award-winning and popular astrological author Judith Hill details: health influences through twelve signs; global influences; personal strategies for harmonizing eclipse effects; traditional strategies; and the four types of “astrological” eclipses. Includes a brief technical astronomical section and a useful eclipse calendar through 2023. Strategies and traditional techniques are included for making the best use of eclipse “waves.” Also includes eclipse conjunctions for all planets, and a useful advanced section for readers in the back. This book is perfect for both lay and advanced readers. This volume brings the secret knowledge of the past alive with Hill’s modern, pragmatic twist. This is the most thorough book ever written on the subject!