Moon Tides, Soul Passages by Maria Kay Simms , Molly Sullivan (Illustrator), Rique Pottenger (Contributor)

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Now in expanded 2nd Edition, this book guides your understanding of past and present, your power of personal choice and evokes new insights of soul and spirit. Astrology is combined with Goddess spirituality to assist awareness of Moon in your natal horoscope and how a seasonal flow of life is revealed by the lunar phase cycle. Meditations, rituals and Goddess paintings, reproduced in 16 pages of full color, evoke intuitive understanding of the book’s themes. The software CD, easy to install and use, provides all personal astrological information needed to apply the book’s in-depth interpretive material, even if you’ve never before studied astrology.

About the Author

Maria Kay Simms, who began her career as artist, segued into astrology and writing in the ’70s. Now, after 30 years as a professional astrologer, she has combined astrology and art with the Goddess spirituality of her practice as a Wiccan High Priestess within this, her eighth published book. Maria, a former Art Director and then President of ACS Publications, then served as Chair of National Council for Geocosmic Research 1999-2004. She is a member of Association for Professional Astrologers International. Her bios appear in various of the Marquis “Who’s Who” volumes. Maria lives in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Several of the paintings reproduced in Moon Tides, Soul Passages are by her talented daughter, Molly Sullivan. Rique Pottenger, who has his M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA, never formally studied astrology, but absorbed quite a bit of it from his mother, Zipporah Dobyns, Ph.D. and sister, Maritha Pottenger, both of whom achieved international recognition as astrological authors. Rique, who became head of programming for ACS Publications following the death of founder, Neil F. Michelsen, has since been responsible for updates and revisions to the popular Michelsen “American Ephemeris” series. Rique lives in Opelika, Alabama.