Inner Parent Dynamics in the Natal Chart by Norma Jean Ream


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In the early 1980’s, Swiss astrologers, Bruno and Louisa Huber brought their concepts of “AstroPsychosynthesis” to American astrologers. One extremely useful component of their approach to the psychology of the natal chart was The Family Hierarchy. After working with the Hubers in a weeklong residential conference, Norma Jean began to apply these concepts in her own work with clients. Self worth issues tend to be very common and many internalized ideas come from the way we have absorbed parental messages. Discussing these ideas with clients in relation to their life experience has been one of the most fruitful awareness experiences for Norma Jean’s clients. She finds that people are able to address inhibitions, frustrating emotional habits, and the extended impact of their parenting with their own families. In this lecture, Norma Jean will apply her understanding of the parenting dynamics of examining the Sun as Father, Saturn as Mother, and the Moon as the Child of the nativity. Norma Jean will give the basic concepts and then apply them to the charts of several well-known people to illustrate one of the most useful tools in the astrological kit to understand the residual impact of the parent dynamics.