The Plain Vanilla Astrologer by Pat Geisler


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The title is a nickname given to Pat Geisler by her students. it speaks to her basic no-nonsense approach to astrology that has made her a popular teacher for decades. Within this book is your opportunity to learn a wide variety of astrology techniques from a highly experienced teacher and counseling astrologer, and enjoy doing it almost as if you’d been in one of her classes. You’ll find chapters on the basics, and then more chapters on techniques you know or have heard about — but you may also find chapters on a few older techniques that are new to you!

Thirty-three charts are presented and analyzed within the forty-eight chapters. Here are some of the topics included:

  • the basics–signs, planets, houses, aspects
  • forecasting–transits, progressions, solar returns
  • missing elements
  • retrogrades
  • Part of Fortune
  • Moon’s Nodes
  • benefics and malefics and how they work
  • dignity and debility
  • asteroids and archetypes
  • derived houses
  • fixed stars
  • the on-degree method
  • the ages of life
  • finding a career
  • horary astrology
  • rectification
  • numerology and planetary numbers
  • career astrology
  • electional astrology
  • decumbiture charts
  • horary
  • mundane astrology
  • destiny and freewill
  • the esoteric path


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