Witches, Goddesses or Wise Women: The Asteroids with Tess Cullen


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Who are the witches? Where do they come from? Maybe your great, great grandmother was one? Witches are wise, wise women they say, there’s a little witch in every woman today. Where is the goddess walking today? That wild and wise aspect of the feminine, the spirit of the witch that oozes passion and intuition and drives us deep into our inner senses. The first of the asteroids found was named Ceres, in 1801, after a powerful feminine archetype of the Great Mother. Ceres was soon joined by Vesta, Juno, Pallas Athene and many other Olympian goddesses to mark the re-emergence of empowered feminine forces. What effect has the awakening of these archetypes had on our modern psyche? Man or woman, our choices have been affected. The influences of these goddesses have manifested and played out in the struggles and achievements of the changing face and roles of the men and women in today’s society. Find out where these issues fit into your life story.