VEDIC-1A: Techniques And Application In Vedic Astrology

(6 x 120-min lessons)

Lesson 1: Vedic Cosmology

Derivation of cosmological principles from Vedic/yogic texts, with a special focus on Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtras. Explanation of the sidereal paradigm and derivation of all mobile and immobile indicators used in Vedic astrology, covering relevant mythological and cosmological examples.

Lesson 2: Zodiac Signs

Derive creation principles from the Sun, and understand how the biological state at birth determines the expression of the Sun sign. Learn about the time-resonance of each zodiac sign to times of the day and houses of the chart. Understand sign dignity in Vedic astrology, its meaning and uses.

Lesson 3: The Planets

Deriving the natural, temporal, and final relationship of planets to one another in a chart.

Lesson 4: The Houses

An in-depth lesson focusing on house groups for special topics such as wealth, travel, intellect, danger, blessings, karmic debt, disease and more. Learning to assess the strength and support relationship between the angular houses and the rest of the chart.

Lesson 5: Sign and Planetary Aspects

Weighing the differences between sign aspects and planetary aspects in a chart. The houses that planets do not support relative to their position. The houses where they grant blessings relative to their position.

Lesson 6: The Ascendant

The assessment of the decision-making process from root to fruition in the ascendant, and the three important houses involved. The ascendant as the preference paradigm in the decision-making process, and the importance of its dispositorship.

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