VEDIC-1B: Predictive Strategies

(6 x 120-min lessons)

Lesson 1: Transits Strategies A

Learning to evaluate transits and ingresses of planets into signs.

Lesson 2: Transits Strategies B

Using sign aspects to evaluate transit relevance as activations of combinations of planets that are otherwise hidden.

Lesson 3: Timing Illness by Solar Ingress

Using the solar ingress of the Sun to assess potential days of illness per astrological month.

Lesson 4: Timing System A: Naisargika Daśa

Learning to use a natural (naisargika) timing system for events.

Lesson 5: Timing System B: Sudarṣana Daśa

Learning to use an annual timing method for interpretation of results.

Lesson 6: Introduction to Nakṣatras and the Chart of Destiny

Derivation of the Signs from the Nakṣatras, derivation of the Chart of Destiny and its importance in assessing the rigour of karmic relevance in a chart.

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