NAT-7: Chart Calculations

Prerequisites: This course is open to the general public. IAA Diploma Program Students must have completed NAT-1 through NAT-6.

Course Description: You will gain the ability to calculate a chart by hand, using the ephemeris and book of tables. You will find that this is a vital skill for any working astrologer, but above that, it is an international certification requirement. You’ll discover that this course, which is based on a widely accepted method, is simple, rewarding, and easy to understand.

Classes are held weekly.

Class 1: Time, Relationship Between Time and Distance, Standard Time, Time Zones, Sidereal Time, MC

Class 2: Ephemeris. Calculating Greenwich Mean Time

Class 3: Calculating the positions of planets. Planetary factor. Retrograde planets. Lunar Nodes

Class 4: Local Sidereal Time, Calculating LST. Intermediate Longitudes and Constant Decimal (CD), Tables. Calculating Midheaven for Intermediate Longitudes

Class 5: Tables. Calculating House Cusps. Drawing a chart

Class 6: Calculations for Intermediate Latitudes. Solar Charts and Natural Charts

Class 7: Chiron. Vertex. Midpoints. Declinations

Class 8: Exam

Required materials:

The following required materials are available through the IAA online shopping areas:

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