Archetypes of Astrology: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Planets, Signs & Houses by Ena Stanley


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Within this book you’ll find a fascinating blend of the basic themes of astrology with mythology and psychology. If you’re new to astrology, you’re introduced to the basics. At any level of interest of expertise in astrology or mythology, expect an enriching, enjoyable and seometimes provocative read.

  • With the opening myth of Adam and Eve, consider how the ancient matriarchy was eclipsed by the patriarchal matrix, influencing history, and astrological interpretation.
  • Learn how a new emergence of the feminine matrix, along with psychology, have influenced modern astrology.
  • See how the ancient mythologies of planetary gods and goddesses contribute to a deeper understanding of the twelve basic archetypes of astrology, correlating each sign and house with its ruling planet(s).
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how each of the archetypes represents a basic drive within the human psyche that, on some level, motivates behavior, and how this takes you into the essence of counseling astrology.

“Astrology…is an unending study. Just when you think you’ve reached the ‘end’….the circle turns and you’re back at the beginning once again. For the Zodiac itself is a circle and the beginning and the end cannot be separated.”


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