Planetary Resonance by Dorothy Oja

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What’s your Resonance?

What’s your Core REesonance?

What are you resonating with now?

What Resonance Phase is upcoming?

A book for astrology’s future introducing a fresh approach to the outer planetary cycles: the Western equivalent of Vedic Planetary periods!

We are not blank slates. We arrive on the planet resonating with the specific transmissions of either Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto to each of our inner or personal planets.

There is a lingering effect from the outer three planets that the personality must incorporate, develop and evolve over a span of time or Resonance Phase. This evolution takes longer than the actual ending of the mathematical transit as we know it.

Time is a continuum and your natal chart resonates with the past as well as the future. Numerical links (by degree) in every chart correspond to both the past and to the future — a continuum of energy reaching backwards and forwards in time, to which we are always responding on subtler, background levels.

Dorothy Oja is a career astrologer, teacher and writer. The study of astrology started in Dorothy’s early childhood. She was intrigued by her Aquarian grandmother’s knowledge, who lived in rural Austria and studied the stars. Her practice, MindWorks specializes in relationship charts and electing times for surgery. She has published an e-newsletter PlanetWeather for the past 15 years, keeping you alert of everything about planetary changes and major events in the social, cultural and political arenas.