Course Two: Transits and Progressions in Medical Astrology

Prerequisite: Course One: Introduction to Medical Astrology unless otherwise advised by instructor

Schedule: Meets weekly, 6 class meetings

In this course, the students continue to contribute birth data for a Disease that we will research together.

The emphasis will be upon transits and progressions that trigger disease. There will be a discussion of Mars Cycles and signs (by transit), the transits of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto and Transpluto. I have many articles that I have written that will be provided for all students.

Progressions will be discussed and I will give interpretations that are not just for medical purposes. I have an extensive article on the Progressed Moon and the Progressed Moon going Out of Bounds.

I will discuss progressed planets changing direction and changing signs. These often portend a crossroad or turning point in the life. Fear can sometimes lead to health issues.

Transits will be discussed in connection with T-Squares, Crosses, Stelliums, the Inconjunct and Interceptions.

A brief discussion and handout will be provided on illness hours – that is, the time that an onset occurs can indicate the organ being affected. This is based upon Chinese Medicine.

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