Eleni Kostika

Eleni KostikaEleni Kostika

Eleni Kostika is a self-employed astrologer and architect, currently based in Athens, Greece.

Two seemingly different vocational orientations which originate from the same need and principle: They both aim at contributing to well-being through different means and focal points.

Eleni offers a range of consulting services in both practices. She likes to refer to astrology as her soul’s vocation and architecture as her earthly vocation. She is interested in astrology as a navigation tool for self-growth with a practical application, and architecture as projects with a soul.

Through her practice in both fields, she has been involved in writing, teaching, lecturing and publishing, and was chief editor of the bilingual architecture journal A3 Architecture (1996-1999). She has designed and organised architecture exhibitions, and she was deputy commissioner and editor of the Greek catalogue for the Greek Pavillion at the 2000 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Eleni is an astrology Dipl. Graduate of the International Academy of Astrology, member of Panhellenic Organisation of Friends of Astrology (PA.SY.FA). She has been teaching at IAA since 2014, and currently teaching “NAT-2: The Planets” and “NAT-7: Chart Synthesis” as part of the Natal Studies Module. She also has her private students in Greece.

Besides teaching, she is focused on her client consultation practice established in 2014, seeing clients from Greece and abroad, and also pursuing her own study and research into more specialised fields in astrology.

She is regularly posting articles at her website, where you can find more information about her practice: www.aries-point.com

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