IAA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Master Classes, Lectures, Workshops, and Pocket Courses

Please read this page and the Website Terms and Conditions carefully before you register for an event.

Are your classes online? 

Yes, all classes are online – live and interactive. Classes meet via an audio/visual platform with the instructor and classmates. Each class is recorded and students are sent a link to the recording, so they can play back anything they may want to hear again.

How often are your courses offered? 

We offer these courses on an ongoing basis. To see what courses are currently being offered, please check the following pages of our website:

You can also subscribe to the IAA Newsletter to receive email announcements of new course offerings.

Do these courses/classes have homework? 

No. There’s no homework nor any grades for lectures, workshops and Pocket Courses. Courses in the Master Classes or Essential Studies may require homework. Check the course description(s) for specific details.

What if I register for a class, but I can’t attend? 

You will be given access to the recordings of all the classes in which you’re enrolled, whether you can attend them or not.

Are scholarships available? 

No, not for these courses.