IAA Audiovisual Release

Audiovisual Release (applies to Pocket Courses and Monthly Series): The audiovisual recording(s) of most of IAA’s Pocket Courses and Monthly Series events are publicly distributed and made available for sale by IAA. If you do not want your image and/or voice to be made public, you must not turn on your camera and/or microphone while attending the event. Alternatively, you can choose not to attend the live event, and instead purchase or receive the audiovisual recording afterwards. (If you register for the live event, you will receive a copy of the recording for free, even if you do not attend the live event.)

At certain events, participants may voluntarily provide their birth information for discussion of their personal horoscopes. If you do not want this information or discussion to be made public, you must not provide your birth information either prior to or during the event.

If you do choose to voluntarily attend and participate in the live event, including by providing your birth information for discussion of your personal horoscope, you hereby grant IAA unlimited, irrevocable permission to utilize your image, voice, textual contributions, birth information, discussion of your personal horoscope, and any and all other contributions that you make to the event, in all media, known or unknown, and for any purpose, without compensation to you, throughout the universe in perpetuity. In addition, you release IAA from any and all liability to you as a result of these actions.

Certain events may be designed specifically for the discussion of individual horoscopes and/or private/personal matters. For these events, recordings are made and distributed privately to the registrants, but such recordings are not made public. Such events will be noted on the registration page so that you know your participation in such events will be kept private. If you have any question about the private or public nature of the event, please ask the instructor or email support@astrocollege.org.