IAA Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated October 3, 2021

This document describes the privacy policy of OCA, Corp., doing business as the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), which applies to this website, to any other websites operated by OCA, Corp., and to any mobile apps that we publish.

We do not collect personal information through our websites or apps, except to the extent that it is required to fulfill an order or to provide some other service that you are requesting from us. When we do collect personal information from you, we do not sell or otherwise distribute that information to any person or organization outside of IAA except for the specific purposes of fulfilling the order or providing the service that you requested.

Types of Information We or Third Parties May Collect

When you register for a course or purchase an item from our online store, we generally collect your name, email address, physical and/or delivery address, and telephone number. We use these items for processing your order and in the event we have to contact you about your order.

If you order astrological services from us (such as a personal chart report), then in addition to the above-listed information, we also collect your birth information (date, time, and place of birth) in order to calculate your astrological chart. Depending on the type of astrological service you are purchasing, additional information may be requested by us or provided by you. This information includes, but is not limited to, information about your life and circumstances, your relationships, your job and income, your past history, your future plans, specific questions you may have, etc. — in other words, any information that may be necessary to provide appropriate context for the specific astrological service you are requesting. This information is held in strict professional confidence and is not revealed to anyone in the IAA organization who is not directly involved in providing the requested astrological service to you.

Payments you make to us using our websites or apps are processed through various third-party online payment processors and banks. Such transactions are processed on and through the respective third-party’s website or app, not IAA’s; and IAA does not see or receive any of your private financial information. In these cases, you are sending your information directly to the third-party processor, and it is subject to the terms of their privacy policy.

Our classes, lectures, and other online meetings are held using the facilities of Citrix GoToMeeting (gotomeeting.com) or, occasionally, another third party provider. All of those online meeting facilities are hosted on websites and servers operated by these third parties, not by IAA. When you open an account, log in, etc., using these services, you are providing your information directly to these third parties, and it is subject to the terms of their respective privacy policies.

Audiovisual recordings of some of our lectures, workshops, and other online meetings are made available for distribution and sale through Vimeo, a third-party video distribution platform. When you create an account at Vimeo to purchase our videos, you are providing your personal and payment information directly to Vimeo, not to IAA, and it is subject to Vimeo’s privacy policies.

Our online store offers books and other items “In Cooperation with Amazon.com.” If you click on a link for any of these items in our online store, you are taken to the amazon.com website to complete your purchase. Here again, any information you provide while registering, logging in, or purchasing is provided directly to Amazon.com, not to IAA, and is subject to Amazon’s privacy policy.

Information You Provide While Attending Our Online Meetings

Our classes, lectures, workshops, and other online meetings are considered to be public forums which are open to the public (whether for free or for a fee), and where certain of the attendees will be neither affiliated with, nor under the control of, IAA. Therefore any personal information that you provide to other attendees within the context of such a meeting is considered to be public information, and IAA can take no responsibility for protecting the privacy of your information in these situations. Please be cautious as to what type of information you reveal while attending any of our meetings.

Please read our Audiovisual Release for additional information on your privacy while you are attending our online classes and lectures.

Children’s Information

In general, our products and services are neither designed for, nor marketed to, children. Additionally, children are not permitted to make purchases or register for activities on our websites or apps without the supervision and consent of their parent or guardian.

In those cases where we do offer classes or other activities designed primarily or exclusively for children, we still require the consent and the supervision of the child’s parent or guardian. Any personal information relating specifically to the child is handled in accordance with this overall privacy policy – that is, it is not revealed to any person or organization outside of IAA except for the purposes of fulfilling an order or providing a requested service. Information about the child provided by the parent or guardian to third parties as described herein is subject to those third parties’ privacy policies.

In accordance with our Audiovisual Release, classroom or meeting sessions involving children are never made public, but are only distributed to the registrants/participants, and then only at the discretion of the instructors.


A “cookie” is a small piece of textual information that is generally used to save the state of your visit to a website. For example, we may use a cookie to store a session ID when you are shopping, so that we can keep your order separate from the orders of other visitors. Some cookies are stored only for the duration of your web-browsing session, after which they expire. Other cookies are stored for longer periods of time. The specific properties of any cookie are determined by the website which is requesting to store it.

Our sites, as well as third-party sites, may from time to time ask to store a cookie on your computer while you are visiting our site. Your web browser generally gives you the ability to refuse these requests if you so choose. However, if you refuse to allow the cookie, then certain features of the website may no longer function as intended.

Any cookie which is stored on your computer is only accessible to the website which created it. Therefore, if any third-party website creates and stores a cookie on your computer, IAA’s websites have no access to that cookie. In the same way, a cookie created and stored by IAA is not accessible to any website other than IAA’s.