IAA: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read this page carefully and refer to it when necessary. It answers many common questions about IAA, its curriculum and its policies. Please also read the Website Terms and Conditions.

Well-known and respected among professional astrologers, the International Academy of Astrology (IAA) is an Internet school founded in 1997. We’re the first and oldest of the all-online astrology programs. We provide a very comprehensive and systematic education, a solid foundation for the successful practice of a professional astrologer. After graduating, you receive an IAA Diploma that qualifies you among your colleagues as a highly-trained professional astrologer. The school is NCGR- and ISAR-associated; your IAA Diploma allows you to go directly to Level IV certification with NCGR and skip their Levels 1-3.

Where is your school located?

The International Academy of Astrology, the oldest all-online school of astrology, was started as an Internet school in 1997. We have no actual physical location. The Board of Directors, staff, instructors, and students are internationally based and attend meetings and classes in GoToMeeting audio/visual rooms, where everyone interacts as if they were in the same location.

Are your classes online? 

Yes, all classes are online, live and interactive. Classes meet weekly via an audio-visual platform (GoToMeeting—it’s like Zoom, but more versatile and more secure). Each class is recorded, so that students can download and play back anything they may want to hear again. To the best of our ability, we offer flexible class scheduling to accommodate students anywhere in the world. If the course times listed do not work for you, please contact the Education Department to ask about the possibility of a scheduling change.

How often are your courses offered?

We have three semesters a year that begin in January, April, and September. We take a month off over the December holidays and two months off in the summer. However, we offer special topics Pocket Courses over the summer and the rest of the year.

Are there additional books and materials I will need to buy for courses?


  • Most of the Natal Studies Module classes have a required e-course book. When you register for those courses, the cost of the e-course book is included in the tuition. The e-book will be available to you in Moodle (the platform for all your courses).
  • There are additional books and/or materials which are required for specific courses. Most of them can be purchased through the IAA Shopping Area. The purchase of these additional books or materials is each student’s responsibility.
  • You will also see books that are suggested reading, posted by your instructor. These books are not required; however, your study will be enhanced if you add this information.

How does the learning process at IAA work?

IAA offers a three-part learning process, geared toward both theory and practice.

  1. The student reads the assigned chapters in the course material before coming to class. The instructor then covers the material in the live class room, and students can ask questions at any time. Additionally, students demonstrate their understanding of the week’s topic via chart examples and discussion questions.
  2. Homework is assigned. The homework is also part of the learning process. Students apply the techniques they’ve learned that week to their own charts and to the charts of people they know.
  3. The instructor gives feedback on the homework to expand the student’s understanding. This allows the course to be tailored to each individual student’s needs.

Do students acquire grades? 

Yes. We break down the grade for all courses in this manner:

1/3 Class Participation and Preparation
1/3 Homework
1/3 Final Exam

What if I have to miss a class meeting?

We understand that life isn’t always consistent, and from time to time students have to miss a class. If this happens, you must inform your instructor well before the beginning of your class, so you can receive an excused absence. You will be given the class recording, so you won’t miss any classroom instruction.

Am I required to purchase books or materials separately?

Yes, the reading materials are purchased separately. The cost of the e-course books for the Natal Studies Module is included with your registration. Other required materials for each course are listed on the individual course page below the syllabus. These materials are purchased separately and expected to be obtained before the first class meeting.

Am I required to purchase astrology software?

Not initially. We want you to be sure that astrology is something you want to pursue before purchasing software. By NAT-5, you will need to have your own software or an astrology app capable of producing the chart components mentioned in the syllabi of this course and those that will follow.

Are there credit transfers or certifications accepted from other schools?

This will be answered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Education Department with both the complete syllabus of the course(s) for which you want IAA credit, and an official record of your grades from that institution. Include the frequency and type of homework assignments and exams you were given. Your transfer inquiry will be considered by the Education Committee.

If you are new to astrology, you will begin with the Basic Astrology course, which will equip you with the astrological information needed to succeed in our Natal Studies Module.

I have been studying astrology for a while. Can I skip classes and start at a higher level?

Yes, this is possible. You will have to pass examinations for each class you plan to skip. There is a modest fee for each exam. Contact the Education Department to discuss and schedule the examinations.

Can I take a term off?

Yes, you can take a semester off at any time and still continue with our program. However, if you take more than a year off, you may be required to take a re-entrance exam or a review, particularly if the curriculum has changed. Please discuss your particular situation with the Education Department.

How Does Tuition Work at IAA?

Basically, it depends on the module.

If you have a background in studying astrology, you can enroll in our Natal Studies Module and proceed from NAT-1 through Nat-7.  Courses in this Module last from 8 to 12 weeks, and as of September, 2020, they range in price from $527 to $735.* You pay for each semester at the time of registration, or you may purchase the entire Natal Studies Module at once for a 10% discount. Tuition includes the required course e-books for NAT-1 through NAT-6. You will need to buy other recommended books and software as you go along, as shown in the course descriptions on our website.

The Natal Studies Module is structured, and each course builds on the previous one. Therefore, you take the NAT courses consecutively.

To continue to work toward the full IAA diploma, you will have to take the five classes in the Professional Studies Module, and 12 weeks of elective classes in the Diploma Studies Module. The price for the courses in these two modules is proportional to the length of the course; however, there is no early registration discount for the PSM and the DSM modules. The best way for you to calculate your final price is to check the elective classes you want to take and add up the weeks and the cost. (You may take more than 12 weeks if you like. Many of our graduates return to take courses and / or additional specialized training that interest them.) Then you would add the cost of your electives to the cost of the PSM and NAT modules.

Are scholarships available?

From time to time, ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research) and AFAN (The Association for Astrological Networking) offer scholarships as a member benefit for students who have completed one year of study. We do not keep track of which organizations are offering scholarships, the amount of scholarship money available, or their application deadlines. Please contact these two organizations directly for this information.

After reading these FAQs, if you still have questions, please email us at support@astrocollege.org. We appreciate your interest in IAA, and we hope to see you in class soon!

* Course prices are up to date as of September, 2020. Please check the course registration pages for our current prices.