Astrology for Teens

Astrology for Teens

This course is for young people who would like to know more about astrology. It is designed and taught by a professional teacher and astrologer who passionately believes astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding.

Learning Objectives:

  • Working with your own chart, you will begin to interpret the meaning of planets in their signs, aspects between planets and significant transits
  • You will create a “Book of Self” by adding pages each week
  • You will develop knowledge of ethical behaviour during astrological consultations
  • You will learn essential History and Astronomy for astrologers
  • Upon completion of this course, students will have collated a personal folder containing a detailed interpretation of their own birth chart

Materials Needed:

  • A ring binder that you will add pages to that will become your “Book of Self”
  • Craft materials to decorate your “Book of Self”

Course Expectations:

Students will be creating their own book of astrology. This “portfolio” will be used as the end-of-course assessment. Each week homework will be assigned to help you prepare for the next lesson. The homework is to be presented to the rest of the group and the assessment is a part of the overall grade.

Course Schedule/Class Routine:

Class Meeting 1:


So you may know your Sun Sign already. But do you know the cycle of the zodiac is a full circle? Learn about other signs and their rulers. Get to know what to expect for the final learning outcome and discuss a few ideas about astrology.

  • Class Meeting 2:


You learned about the signs but what about their rulers? What does “retrograde” mean? Do some research into how to interpret the planets in your chart.

Class Meeting 3:


We will learn about another important part of the natal chart: the House. Where will I struggle or succeed?

Class Meeting 4:


We will start to learn about transiting planets and how they “talk” to each other in an astrology chart.

Class Meeting 5:


What makes an astrologer “professional”? Do have what it takes to be a professional astrologer and where do you go to learn more?

Class Meeting 12:


Course Grading:

Assessments are ongoing throughout the classes with the teacher offering grade-appropriate feedback and guidance for speaking an listening tasks. The finished “Book of Self” will be assessed upon completion. A final, multiple-choice exam will show the students’ understanding of the material and determine their ability to move on to the next course.

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