DPL-5: Advanced Horary Astrology

Instructor: Elena Lumen

Prerequisites: This course is open to the general public. IAA Diploma Program students are requires basic familiarity with horary principles or to complete DPL-4 before taking this course. This course is one of the electives for IAA Diploma Program students to graduate.

If you are not an IAA Diploma Program student you need a thorough understanding of natal astrology. You may also access this course with no homework, no exams, no credit.

Course Description:

In the advanced class, students familiar with horary basics will deepen their skills and learn how to judge complex, rare, or difficult questions with more confidence. Student will learn how to delineate multiple choice questions, approach timing prediction with more accuracy, and go deeper into career, financial and relationships charts with the use of fixed stars, rules of perfections, and Lots. The class requires basic familiarity with horary principles, and can be taken upon the completion of Introduction to Horary class at IAA , or after equivalent training and experience.

Classes are held weekly.

Class Meeting 1: Delineation techniques: what is most important and what is less relevant in horary analysis. Perfection secrets from Arabic and Persian astrologers. What brings perfection in horary?

Class Meeting 2: Receptions and their meaning in horary queries, understanding compatibility and satisfaction in horary analsysis. 

Class Meeting 3: Multiple choice questions: What is best choice among two or more choices?
Rare or unusual questions: Who is the thief? If the rumor true? Is the dream true, and others

Class Meeting 4: Timing of events: working with luminaries in horary, mundane transits, and lunar returns for more precise and accurate timing predictions.

Class Meeting 5: Sports competitions, wars conflicts, and legal charts.

Class Meeting 6: Using lots, antiscia’s and fixed stars in horary reading. 

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