A Children’s Introduction to Astrology (Grades 1-3) – Saturday

A Children’s Introduction to Astrology (Grades 1-3) – Saturday

For Grades 1-3, the classes are held on Saturdays, starting on January 15 for 12 weeks.  Use the same link for every class.

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Jan 15 2022


U.S. Eastern
11:00 am - 12:30 pm




  • Kate Mareck
    Kate Mareck

    Katherine Mareck, known as Kate, first heard about Astrology at 8 years old, when the musical, Hair, came out. “Peace guiding the planets? Love steering the stars? What is this mysterious power?” Thus began her dabbling in the astrological shallow waters. In her early 30s, as she was rearing her three children, she truly dove in.She worked closely with a professional astrologer, initially to learn the details of her children’s charts. Over the next 25 years, through continued study, she gained a deeper and broader working knowledge of the intricacies of astrology.
    Professionally, Kate is a Waldorf teacher in the early grades, Kindergarten through Third. For nearly 20 years, she has taught experientially, finding that children respond readily to content delivered in a warm, “living” way. The covid year has provided Kate with a new skill, online teaching. It has been heartening to find that she is able to forge relationships and bring out children’s artistic and thinking capacities even from a distance, using a two-dimensional platform.
    Kate also gardens and cooks, and hikes the woods and mountains around Flagstaff, Arizona, where she lives. When not in the Covid times, she sings and plays guitar with an acoustic trio, Isosceles.

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