Lunar Nodes, Keys to Emotion and Life Experience by Diane Ronngren

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What really matters? What is my purpose? Why is this happening to me? When will my life change? When will I be happy and successful? Written for the serious student or professional astrologer, Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experience offers a glimpse into the soul. Follow detailed sample delineations to identify internal experience, emotional growth, reactive responses to events and to others, and to discover the basis for instinctive choices and judgments. This book opens up a new world of personalized interpretations! Explore the intricate network of aspects between the natal Lunar Nodes, Moon and every planet and sensitive point in a chart! Identify key emotions and life experiences that impact the future. Learn a totally new technique for delineating transiting Lunar Nodes, Lunar Node cycles and Lunar Node Returns! Target current and future trends to maximize opportunities for personal growth, relationships, accomplishment success! Use the extraordinary “Lunar Nodes Graphic Wheel” and the 100-year “At-A-Glance Lunar Nodes Ephemeris” to quickly and easily identify individual personal growth patterns! “Each of us has sharply defined images of our personal reality the people, circumstances, choices we have made, and times we identify as turning points in our journey. Lunar Nodes hold the keys to understanding our potential for spiritual/personal growth. Transiting Nodes bring opportunities to consciously learn from and respond to the rhythms of our lives, to create rich memories and relationships that nurture our hunger for belonging and accomplishment.”