NAT-4: Aspects and Disposition – Day

Learn Astrology Natal Studies Module

NAT-4: Aspects and Disposition – Day


Apr 27 2024


U.S. Eastern
8:00 am - 9:30 am




  • Janet Carrol
    Janet Carrol

    Janet is a professional consulting astrologer, and a teaching astrologer. She holds a BA in Business, is a graduate of I.A.A., and is currently writing (2013) her dissertation for her Master’s in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology for the University of Wales Trinity St. David. Janet is certified in Pranic Healing, and in Advanced Integrative Therapy techniques. She also consults with organizations in need of ‘crises management.’

    After three decades in the ‘business world’ and co-founding her own company, in 1998 Janet immersed herself in the study of astrology. She has also served on numerous non-profit boards over the years, including NCGR. Janet has a passion for giving back to the astrological community by hosting astrological workshops for local communities who are hungry for quality education.

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